Commercial Energy Assessments

All Commercial buildings in the UK are required by law to have a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate. This document acts as a provable measure of a buildings energy efficiency, providing a rating which indicates it's impact on the environment.

A Commercial Energy Performance Certificate works in much the same way as a residential EPC, assessing properties on factors such as the materials used in their construction and the degree of insulation they have. Once all this has been taken into account, a grade is given from A to G, along with advice on how to improve a building's rating. This can lead to significant savings for commercial property owners.We have a National team of commercial Energy Assessors to cover all your requirements.  

Price Guide

Indicative quotes over the telephone will be possible where accurate property details can be provided by the client, including size (floor area) & number of floors, age of the property and details of the heat/ventilation systems. Pricing is dependant on the data gathering required by the assessor, this will vary according to the complexity of the construction, heating, ventilation, and lighting elements rather than simply the overall size of the building. Where accurate plans or CAD drawings are available, less time will be required by the assessor on site, so the cost of producing the Epc will be less.

If plans are not available, these will have to be produced by the surveyor. It is generally advisable to request a site visit to enable an accurate assessment of the building for a detailed quote.